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Are you thinking of doing a car inspection?

The services of Nauto Performance Workshops are based on the revision of the car or integral mechanics for your vehicle, focused on basic or complete maintenance and all kinds of repairs.

We repair all kinds of mechanical and electronic car breakdowns.

We have the most advanced Diagnostic systems on the market.

We repair your car…Always providing you with the best solution!

Basic services | Fast mechanic

At Talleres Nauto, we are aware of how important it is to lubricate all engine parts to prevent wear and tear, future breakdowns and ensure proper functioning of your vehicle. We have synthetic, semi-synthetic and natural oils. We also change the oil filter.

Brakes are very important for safe driving. For this reason, we offer the services of: changing discs, pads and brake fluid quickly and safely. Brakes wear out over time and require service.

At Talleres Nauto Performance we carry out all kinds of engine maintenance: Diagnosis, electronics, electricity and spark plugs, among other outstanding services. The engine is the heart of the vehicle and therefore needs good professionals.

Also as part of our general engine check, we fill all the fluids in the car: brakes, coolant, window cleaner, etc. Keeping these fluids prevents future engine wear and tear problems.

A timely tire change can save lives. And at Talleres Nauto we know it! We repair and change your tires or your wheels.

Punctures | Change and repair of Tires | Change and repair of Tires | Lineup | Air pressure

Air conditioning is an essential element to which we usually pay very little attention, in its maintenance. We offer air conditioning duct deodorization services.

General Mechanics

At Talleres Nauto we carry out an exhaustive diagnosis of the clutch kit: Repair and replacement of clutches of all brands.

Its good maintenance extends the life of the engine, another of the essential services in tuTaller. Periodic control of the timing belt is vital to prevent its breakage and the costly damage it causes to the engine.

Diagnosis, repair and replacement of gas and oil shock absorbers.

We carry out all kinds of repairs to the air conditioning system.

We review and repair the electronics and electricity of your vehicle. At Talleres Nauto Performance we carry out a complete diagnosis of the electronics and electrical system of your car. Talleres Nauto, your trusted workshop!

Another of our main services is that we make engine changes due to breakage, wear or loss of pressure in the old engine.

Pre-ITV inspection

In the Pre-ITV review of Talleres Nauto Performance we review all the safety and general elements of the vehicle so that it passes ITV.

ECU Reprogramming

Find out at Nauto Performance about the systems that intervene in your vehicle and how they can affect its optimal functioning.

Sustitution vehicle

The replacement vehicle or car allows you to have an alternative vehicle while yours is undergoing maintenance or repair at Talleres Nauto Performance.

Do not interrupt your day to day by taking the car to the workshop, we will take care of providing you with another, or picking up and delivering yours wherever you tell us.

Renault Escenic Nauto :: tuTaller ::

We have a replacement vehicle!

Compact tourism with 5 seats and unlimited mileage

Workshop Rates

Basic Review

Oil (5l.) and Filter

+ Control levels


*iva including

Review Plus

3 Filters (Air, oil and passenger compartment)

+ Level control + Electronic diagnosis


*iva including

Pre-ITV review

Passive and Active Security



*iva including
*Pack price with past MOT

Workshop fee

The hourly price of the workshop


We repair all kinds of mechanical and electronic car breakdowns.

We have the most advanced Diagnostic systems on the market.

We repair your car…Always providing you with the best solution!